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Carbon repeal

Carbon Tax Removal Substantiation Statement

The Clean Energy Legislation (Carbon Tax Repeal) Act 2014, requires Pacific Hydro, an entity that sells electricity to electricity customers, to make the following Carbon Tax Substantiation Statement:

The impact directly or indirectly attributable to the carbon tax repeal for the financial year 1 July 2014 to 30 June 2015 for our Pacific Hydro Retail Pty Ltd electricity customers is provided in the table below.

Retail Activities Pacific Hydro Entity Class of customer Estimated Annual Percentage Price basis Estimated Annual Dollar Price basis Information that substantiates the estimates
SA  and VIC Pacific Hydro Retail Pty Ltd Large Business (Commercial & Industrial) N/A N/A Our C&I customers were able to choose how carbon operated including how the carbon repeal legislation affected their contract.
VIC Small to Medium Business 0.41% $43.69 Pacific Hydro commenced retailing electricity to the small to medium sized business customers and residential customers in April 2014. Energy Tariffs offered to customers between April and the Carbon Repeal date included a relatively small carbon component due to the expectation that the carbon price would be repealed. Following the carbon repeal, Pacific Hydro determined the new “carbon free” tariffs for all customers in this class.
SA Small to Medium Business 0.24% $10.61
Residential 0.24% $3.59


Pacific Hydro will be sending letters to each of our customers on how the carbon price repeal will impact individual energy bills.