Energy That Could

About us

Pacific Hydro is a global clean energy solutions company.

As a 100% renewable energy generator, we’ve been supplying clean energy to energy retailers and big companies for more than 20 years.

As a retailer, the electricity supplied for our products comes directly from the National Electricity Market, which includes electricity from both non-renewable and renewable sources.

However, we currently offer our large business customers the option to purchase clean energy as part of their electricity supply. We are hoping to extend this opportunity to our small business and residential customers in the near future.

The support of our clean energy customers contributes to the development of new renewable energy projects in Australia. Projects like our wind farms in South Australia and Victoria, and the Ord River hydro in Western Australia.

By avoiding greenhouse gas emissions going into the earth’s atmosphere, these projects help create a better environment, as well as healthier and more sustainable communities.

Pacific Hydro is owned by the State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC) through State Power Investment Overseas Co., Ltd. of China (SPIC Overseas).

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